Maria Hamilton Jewelers

We are proud of the full range of services we offer in our Design & Services Center. Nothing compares to creating beautiful pieces for our customers. The best part of our profession is sitting down to create an ingenious work of art that is eloquent and functional.
We listen to the desires of our clients to make their dreams come to life.
Each piece of jewelry purchase from us is special. Whether it is for a unique gift, for an engagement, or purely “just because."
The commitment to our customers goes far beyond their purchase.
Our fine jewelry is perfect for any occasion. Our striking diamond and gemstone collection is exceptional and breathtaking. Each piece is hand-crafted with great attention to create a piece of remarkable luxury.
Our astonishing line of haute jewelry in .925 Sterling Silver offers the highest quality jewels made by some of the world’s best craftsmen.
The exquisite cubic zirconia used to create our pieces is a fine example of flawless cut and superior brilliance.

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